Running Effective Meetings

Game Plan

We’ll teach you how to make your meetings shorter, faster, and more action-oriented!

Time is an expensive resource in healthcare and nothing is more frustrating to clinicians than sitting in meetings that are a complete waste of time. What’s worse is attending meetings to talk about the same issues that still haven’t been addressed from the last meeting…or…meetings where 1-2 people dominate the majority of the discussion. The key to successful meetings is learning when to schedule them and how to make them short and action-oriented with clear outcomes.

Whether you’re a new leader or a seasoned administrator, this course will teach you various techniques that will enhance your meeting management skills. As part of this course, you’ll learn the toughest part of running meetings…dealing with problem participants. Even if you’re not leading meetings, this course will provide you key concepts to be a more engaged meeting participant.

Included in this course is a study guide with each lesson containing the transcript and key concepts of the lesson. You’ll also receive an agenda template to help you develop action-oriented meetings along with our problem participant toolkit containing techniques for dealing with disruptive meeting attendees.

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