Clinical Leadership Education

Evolution in Clinical DevelopmentWe target the most common challenges you will encounter in your leadership role.

More and more organizations are realizing the benefit of clinicians helping drive long-term success, but many of these leaders lack formal administrative training. Unfortunately, enrolling in traditional business pathways tends to be challenging due to time and travel constraints as well as relevance to their leadership responsibilities. We develop courses that apply directly to the most common challenges these leaders will face based on over a decade of experience in this arena. What makes our courses unique is that they are designed by a physician leader with formal administrative training for physician leaders and administrators. Lessons are based on actual case scenarios from healthcare settings. Our learning format is ideally suited for physicians and administrators because components can be done online at your own pace and on your own time.  In addition, because there is no travel or time away from clinical care, costs are minimal.  Unlike some platforms that require an annual membership to access their courses, Lucere allows you the option to pick the topics individually and pay as you go. Click here to see courses offered.